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Not sure of your size?

Don't know your size? We've got you covered with a no charge calibrated sizing kit (available in US only) that will help you figure out your perfect size! For orders outside the USA see alternate method below.

Don't rely on DIY/at-home sizing methods. They are inaccurate.


Alternate method 

Get sized locally: Visit at least 2-3 jewelers to get sized- it should be free. Why 2-3? Because some jewelers use inaccurate sizing methods or uncalibrated ring sizers that give an incorrect size. Going to 2-3 jewelers (that give you the same size) will help ensure you get the correct ring size.

Important note if getting sized locally-when selecting your size, keep in mind that wide (9mm+) rings tend to fit more snugly. Consider increasing the size you order a little (1/4 to 1/2 size) if you're getting a wider (9mm+) ring. Feel free to contactme withany questions.

How wide should my ring be?

Most people choose between 6-8mm wide

3-4mm - Very narrow

This narrow is a more feminine look.


5mm - Slim

Rings in this width are less common for men's rings, though some prefer a narrower ring.


6mm - Classic width

6mm is a very traditional men's band width. If you're new to wearing rings, or like a more classic style, this is probably for you.


8mm - Modern width

8mm is a modern/contemporary width that is gaining popularity. A little wider than traditional wedding bands, it has more presence than 6mm, but is still comfortable for daily wear.


9mm+ Very wide

Rings this wide are uncommon and make a statement. If you're looking at something this wide, you probably already know what you want. If you're not used to wearing jewelry, a ring this wide might bother you.

Remember Very wide rings tend to fit more snugly. You might need to adjust the size you order if you're getting a wider (9mm+) ring.


Cheap sizers (both plastic and metal) and DIY sizing is often inaccurate.

This sizing kit is perfect for figuring out your correct ring size at home!

How it works-

  1. Order the sizing kit and your ring*. We'll send the sizers out ASAP.
  2. Find which size fits best. Wear it for a while to make sure it fits well.
  3. let us know your size & return the sizers with the prepaid label. (Prepaid return label unavailable on orders outside USA**)
  4. We'll get started on your ring in your size!

*orders for a sizing kit only without a ring will be canceled.

** If you're outside the US, you'll have to work out returning the sizing kit yourself, sorry for the inconvenience.

Your size simplified-

These sizers are a perfect match for our rings and come in a range of widths, so you know you'll get your size correct the first time. 


Ring sizing is very personal, and a quick sizing at a jeweler often isn't enough to get an idea of what really fits best. Worse still, some jeweler's sizers don't even run 100% true to size!

With this set of precision sizers you can try a ring in the proper width (wide and narrow rings of the same size feel different on the finger) for an extended period to make sure it's a good fit.

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