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The Richter Scale Rings Story

Before I even dreamed of making wedding bands, I got married. I had one of those soulless tungsten bands, you know, the type that looks like every other ring ever made. There was no story, no background , no real thought even put into my ring. fast forward years to now, I'm still married to my wonderful wife, and she still has her gorgeous vintage ring that was passed down from my great grandmother. Now I have Richter Scale Rings. The rings I make aren't 50+ years old, but they sure as heck aren't boring!

Each ring here has a story behind it, whether it's made from a super modern titanium alloy used in spacecraft, or old as the stones used for my inlays, there is no boring here. Every ring is handcrafted to order, just for you. Character and stories are the building blocks.

You have a story, shouldn't your ring?



Should any flaws or defects in workmanship appear during the life of your product I will gladly repair or replace the product at no charge to you.

Damage that results from abuse, neglect or general carelessness is not covered.



Meet the Team


I spent the first 11 years of my working life manufacturing precision aircraft components, along the way I got to tap into my bigger passion- design. I was fortunate enough to help out periodically with with various R&D projects designing upgraded components and mechanisms for the aircraft I helped manufacture. From that experience I gained the skills needed to make my dreams a reality! I gained valuable design insight that enables me to conceptualize my unusual rings, and I learned the complex metalworking skills needed to make those designs a reality.

Now I spend my days designing, innovation and crafting bold men's rings from the most epic materials available!



Kristen is my wonderful wife who tackles the necessary behind the scenes stuff (accounting, bookkeeping, and all that painful stuff) to keep things running smoothly so I can focus on the innovation and entrepreneurial side of things. She helps out in the shop making our custom packaging and handles shipping too. All that while being a full time mom to boot!




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