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Blaze (Blue/Green)

Blaze (Blue/Green)

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Nothing beats the firey play of light from the solid cultured opal inlay on the Blaze ring! Many rings simply use crushed opal because it's easier and requires less work, but in so doing a lot of the fire is lost! I invested a lot of time and resources into perfecting the solid opal inlay technique I use with this ring. It takes WAY more work, but the result is totally worth it! Just take a look, I think you'll agree.
A note on cultured opal- Cultured opal has personality and as such the color and grain structure will vary from ring to ring. This material isn't like synthetic opals that have no variance. In much the way one piece of wood varies from another, the appearance will vary some from one piece to the next.
Titanium is hypoallergenic and can even be worn by people with severe metal allergies!
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About the Ring

Resizing- This ring can be resized up or down as much as 1 full size
Materials- Aerospace grade titanium and cultured opal
Finish- Satin with polished inlay
Care Instructions- Clean with mild soap and water as needed.
Fit- Flat profile with rounded edges for comfort.
Width - this ring is 7.5mm wide.
How will it feel on my finger?
This ring is very smooth and comfortable on your finger and fairly lightweight for its size.

Ordering & Delivery

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