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Athena (Multicolor Cultured Opal)

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This amazing titanium and cultured Opal women's ring features a multicolored opal inlay in a stackable, narrow titanium band for a clean and modern look. Wear it alone, or stack it with other rings for an even more unique look!

Opal is the birthstone of October.

This multicolored cultured Opal is an absolutely beautiful material that displays wonderful colors in varying hues of red, green and blue and also has a fantastic play of light!

Unlike many rings that utilize crushed opal for inlays (which loses much of the natural beauty of opal), I use a solid, continuous piece of opal to retain as much natural beauty as possible, even it takes far more work to do it that way.

While I do my best to make all my rings look as close to the pictured item as possible, The colors in the opal will vary somewhat, and different shades and proportions of red, green and blue will be in each ring.

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About This Ring

Resizing This ring can be resized up or down as much as 1 full size
Materials Titanium, multicolor Cultured Opal Inlay
Finish Polished
Care instructions Clean with mild soap and water as needed.
Fit Comfort fit
Width This ring is 3mm wide.
How will it feel on my finger? This ring is comfortable and lightweight. The inside is smooth without any sharp edges.
Shipping Ships Worldwide. Free shipping within USA


Ordering & Delivery Notes

If the engraving option is selected(optional) please note the following
  • Please include your phrase to be engraved and your font of choice in the "Add a note to your order" section which appears after adding the ring to your cart.

Lead Time- Each Richter Scale ring is handcrafted to order, one at a time in my small FL, USA-based workshop. I'm not reselling mass-produced rings from China. As such, my rings don't ship at Amazon speed. Quality takes time.

See my current delivery times HERE

Important note on sizing- when selecting your size, keep in mind that wider rings tend to fit more snugly. Consider increasing the size you order a little (1/4 to 1/2 size) if you're getting a wider (9mm+) ring. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Returns- I accept returns but keep in mind each ring is custom made. Please see my detailed policies here.

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