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Cronus - Damascus Steel and Rose Gold Inlay Men's Wedding Band

Cronus - Damascus Steel and Rose Gold Inlay Men's Wedding Band

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A blazing inferno roars as it heats to well over 2000 degrees fahrenheit, the metal in it glowing white hot. The block of molten metal is removed and hammered hard. Thus the damascus for this ring is created. From there the ring is machined and acid etched and inlaid. The entire process- blazing heat forging two metals into one, the machining to refine the shape, acid etching to reveal the gorgeous pattern- is a perfect metaphor for the trials that bond, test, refine and eventually inseparably unite two individuals.

Important note on sizing- when selecting your size, keep in mind that wider rings tend to fit more snugly. Consider increasing the size you order a little (1/4 to 1/2 size) for wider (9mm+) rings. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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About This Ring

Materials- Damascus steel & rose gold
Finish- Etched
Care Instructions- Clean with mild soap and water, pat dry. Avoid salt water.
Fit- Comfort radius interior edges
Width - this ring is pictured in 11mm wide.
How will it feel on my finger?
This ring is comfortable on your finger with its generously rounded interior corners. Average weight and with a light wood grain like texture from the Damascus steel this ring begs to be touched.

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